Pilot Reveals the Truth About Airplane Toilets. You Won’t Want to Use Them

When boarding an airplane, no one is more likely to lead a reflection on when the seats were cleaned and the bathroom cleaned. Rather, we enjoy our next trip. Meanwhile, thousands of passengers pass through the deck, and the toilets on planes leave much to be desired.

Pilots Reveal Secrets

No one knows so much about cleanliness standards on board aircraft than pilots and flight attendants. After all, they spend the most time in the air. Sometimes they talk about the behind-the-scenes of their work. The pilots also decided to touch on the subject of cabin cleanliness and toilets.

Pilot Reveals the Truth About Airplane Toilets. You Won’t Want to Use Them

They themselves admit that during short flights they try not to visit the toilet and look with great amazement at passengers who proudly march shoeless down the corridor and enter the toilet in just socks. After all, there are a lot of germs on the floor and they get gleefully transferred on their feet. After all, an airplane may make several runs on different routes each day, and germs also travel from one country to another.

Clogged Toilet

Pilot Reveals the Truth About Airplane Toilets. You Won’t Want to Use Them

The worst is during long flights. At the end of them, it often happens that some toilets are simply out of order. All because they are so soiled with fecal matter and urine that they cannot be used or cleaned normally. In addition, there are cases of toilet paper clogging the toilet seat. However, the real drama is when the toilet has a serious malfunction in the clouds and an unimaginable stench begins to come out of it. Such situations also occur.

One Toilet for Every 50 Passengers

When an airplane has several short flights to make in a day, the ground cleaning crew has very little time to get the machine in order. At that time, the cleaners just give the toilet carpet a quick wash and absolutely do not sterilize it. Besides, it has such properties that the urine on it cannot be seen. According to official arrangements, there should be one toilet for every 50 travelers. However, this is not always observed.

Still an explanation is due on what happens to the toilet waste. Well, they are not released outside the aircraft. They are sucked up by a pump and thus end up in a tank located at the rear of the plane.