Fold a T-shirt like a Pro – 3 ways

Make your life easier with these three cool t-shirt folding methods!
We’re a couple inclined to find easier ways of making things. Whenever it’s possible, we try to optimize our home activities mostly because we hate wasting time but also for fun we have when we’re able to do something better and faster. As our family got bigger last year, and piles of t-shirts grew higher and higher, we thought we would need some magic to save us from drowning under a heap of laundry.

We did some research and found these three helpful and quick t-shirt folds. Since then, they are among our favorite everyday life hacks. Not only are they practical, but also fun to watch. They may look like mysterious magic tricks, but they are as easy as pie!

Watch the video and you’ll get it faster than you think. Let us know on Handimania’s fan page, how you managed :)

Which way of folding t-shirts is the easiest for you?


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