Apply Some Soap Onto Your Glasses. The Trick Is Very Useful at Temperature Fluctuations

A lot of us can’t come to terms with having to wear glasses, although their usefulness for people with worse eyesight is unquestionable. I wear glasses myself and there is no way I will ever go for lenses. Glasses make me look more classy. I also feel more mature and smarter. However, glasses sometimes mean problems. If you wear glasses, you know very well what I am talking about. That is why you need to learn a few tricks I have  for you.

#1 How to look for your glasses in the darkness.

Even if I leave my glasses right next to my bed, once it gets really dark I can’t find them. That is why you need to get a fluorescent tape. It doesn’t cost much and you can find it in any DIY stores or online. All you have to do is to cut a piece of the tape and stick it onto the glasses case. Even in the darkest night you will easily find them.

#2 How to prevent your glasses from getting steamy when you enter a hot room

I think this is the most annoying thing for anyone who wears glasses. Fortunately, you only need a bar of soaps and the nuisance is gone. Just rub the glasses with the soap a little and then swipe it clean with a soft cloth.

#3 Make your own glasses-cleaning liquid

Dedicated cleaning agents cost an arm and a leg. Why don’t you prepare your own cleaner then? All you need is a small spray bottle, alcohol, water and washing-up liquid. Pout water and alcohol into the bottle (1:2) and add three drops of washing-up liquid. Shake it well. Your own glasses-cleaner is ready!

#4 How to stop the glasses sliding down your nose

Do your glasses slide down even if you bend just a little? Take a pinch of eyeshadow primer and smear it on the spot where your glasses rest on your nose.

#5 How to remove scratches

Apply some toothpaste on the glasses. Use a soft cloth to smear it on the glasses with round moves. Use a glasses-cleaning liquid (perhaps the one you have just made yourself!) and clean the glasses. Then swipe the liquid off.

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