13 Funny Fails That Happened at Work. These Guys Are ‘The Employees of the Year’!

Have you ever made a mistake that was so bad that you knew you would remember it forever? Of course we all make mistakes, sometimes big errors and sometimes just small spelling mistakes. However, they can all result in such misunderstanding that you simply have to share it with the rest of the world. The ones you will see below are really worth a moment, especially bearing in mind they were all made by people who had only one thing to do…

#1 Some kerbs are so important that they must be painted even when it rains


#2 A call from the other side is always thrilling

#3 Nothing can stop a guy with white paint and a brush


#4 Sleeping during geography lessons? This is going to have some consequences…

#5 Smoke detectors need some make-up, too

#6 It’s not about the liquid. It’s all about the soap

Me irl from r/meirl

#7 I wasn’t at home, so I asked the delivery driver to hide my parcel somewhere. And this is what I found

Good job FedEx, no one will suspect a thing… from r/funny

#8 The missing puzzle fits. If only it wasn’t just about the shape…

I put the manhole cover back, boss. from r/NotMyJob

#9 Painting guys know no mercy

#10 To understand genuine art you need to take on another perspective

#11 There is no way to stop people from doing dumb things. But they have a way to stop you!

#12 The moment you don’t want to admit to having a nap at work and your boss looks out of his window

Landscaper was caught sleeping on the job… from r/funny

#13 Another face of disability

Has anything like that ever happened to you?

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