8 Habits of Drivers That Seem Harmless to the Car. They Are Very Harmful, Though!

    8 Habits of Drivers That Seem Harmless to the Car. They Are Very Harmful, Though!

    8 Habits of Drivers That Seem Harmless to the Car. They Are Very Harmful, Though!
    6:16 AM EDT, September 6, 2022, updated: 9:38 AM EDT, September 6, 2022

    The longer you are a driver, the more habits you develop. Unfortunately, not all of them are good.

    Old habits die hard, and some are even lethal to your car. Often we don't even realize it and don't see bad habits as inappropriate.

    Check out what not to do in your car. This will help you avoid dangerous situations and additional expenses so that you could enjoy your car for a long time.

    Refueling when the tank is almost empty


    When a car is not used often enough, some dirt can build up in the fuel tank and form a deposit at the bottom. The dirt gets into the fuel pump and filters, causing damage. In the winter, it's best to fill up when the clock shows ½ tank to avoid creating large amounts of condensation. The presence of water during cold weather can also lead to deformation of the tank.

    Ignoring disturbing sounds

    Squeaking, buzzing and other unusual sounds always have a cause. They usually indicate a malfunction of one of the parts. Many drivers ignore these signals, often ending up calling for roadside assistance. Once in a while, perform a thorough diagnostic on your vehicle to avoid problematic and dangerous situations on the road.

    Keeping your hand on the gear stick

    Many people relax their hand in this way. There are many reasons for not putting your hand there. The first, of course, is that you need two hands to steer the vehicle. However, this behavior also puts constant pressure on the gearbox. Although small, when constant it can cause the synchronizers and gearboxes to shift, which will lead to later shifting problems.

    Driving at high rpm with a cold engine


    New engines do not need time to warm up. However, it is worth remembering that when the indicator shows the basic temperature, do not exceed the engine speed above 2,000. Let it warm up first.

    Constant braking

    During rush hour and endless traffic jams, this seems almost unavoidable. However, remember to change your brake pads regularly to avoid unpleasant situations. Also check brake fluid levels and lines.

    Most drivers keep their foot on the brake pedal when going downhill to be ready to brake at any time. Such a habit, however, leads to overheating of the braking system and, consequently, faster wearing off of pads and discs. The correct action is to shift to a lower gear and start braking with the engine.

    Not using the handbrake


    When parking a car with an automatic transmission on an incline, all the weight is on the transmission output shaft locking mechanism. By using the handbrake, you will relieve the burden on the machine, which it will certainly be grateful for.

    Keeping your foot on the clutch pedal

    This habit is very bad for clutch wear. We use the clutch to shift gears, and if we are slowing down, let's keep its use to a minimum.

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