5 Big Reasons Why You Should Start Growing Herbs at Home. Take Care of the Planet and Your Health!

    5 Big Reasons Why You Should Start Growing Herbs at Home. Take Care of the Planet and Your Health!

    5 Big Reasons Why You Should Start Growing Herbs at Home. Take Care of the Planet and Your Health!
    2:58 AM EDT, October 5, 2023, updated: 1:30 PM EDT, October 5, 2023

    As the spring is just round the corner, it is a perfect moment to consider growing your own plants. Even if you believe that you are hopeless at gardening and any plants die when you are around. It's time you realized that taking care of plants is not as difficult as it seems.

    Growing plants has got a number of advantages. I am sure you will agree with me once you finish reading this article.

    #1 Healthy nutrition

    While shopping for herbs, you certainly choose the ones with the most intense colors and most intense smell. You need to know, however, that these are the factors the marketing guys are perfectly aware of. The fact that something looks mouth-watering does not means that it is really tasty and healthy.

    In fact, such products are often grown using large amounts of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

    When you decide to grow your own herbs, you will be sure that their production does not involve any unhealthy substances. The choice of soil or fertilizers will be also up to you. You can start growing any herbs you want and any you will actually need. Moreover, there is no way the commercial herbs will be as fresh as those you have just picked from the pot in the kitchen.

    #2 It's also about the environment


    I know that it might be hard to switch from convenient shopping to your own herb farm. But when you take into account all the advantages, that looks far more encouraging. Apart from the joy of growing your own plants, you also take care of the planet by learning more about recycling, composting and your impact on the surrounding world. This is how you contribute to reducing the amount of garbage and pollution in your area.

    #3 Healthier bodies, thicker wallets


    Just think how many times you have bought some potted herbs in your supermarket. Calculate the approximate amount of money you have spent so far. Then think how much money you could save if you grew the plants at home? I am sure that there is enough space on your window sill or balcony for a pot of basil, mint, rosemary or a citrus tree seedling.

    The money you would normally spend on 'ready-made' herbs could be used to buy seeds. Thanks to your own plantation you won’t have to wonder anymore if the herbs in the refrigerator are still fresh enough. You will just pick them from your balcony.

    #4 Reducing the amount of waste

    Pay attention to how much plastic you use whenever you buy herbs in a supermarket. It's not just about the plastic bags, but also the foil they are protected with. Planting your own herbs you do not generate waste that will take thousands of years to decompose. And even if there is some waste you get while repotting the plants, it will all be biodegradable.

    #5 You can grow them wherever you want


    The fact that you live in a town or a city doesn't mean you can't grow herbs. You don’t need large areas of land to do it. You can set up your own herb garden easily on the balcony or even a window sill. In fact, a lot of contemporary interior designers use herbs as decoration. They only need some sunlight or even artificial one. They can grow by the window or on a kitchen shelf. Some of us grow plants in the bathrooms.

    Home gardens are a great option to recycle old jars, buckets or bathtubs. If you need some advice about how plants can be grown using teabags or egg shells, read this article.

    What do you think now? Have we managed to convince you? Let us know which herbs are your favorite ones: mint, basil or rosemary?

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