17 Heavenly Locations That Will Bring You down on Your Knees

    17 Heavenly Locations That Will Bring You down on Your Knees

    17 Heavenly Locations That Will Bring You down on Your Knees
    6:18 AM EDT, May 13, 2021, updated: 9:56 AM EDT, May 13, 2021

    Now that travelling is still somewhat disturbed, let me take advantage of the situation and show you round a few places that  you might not have taken into account yet.

    1. The Grand Prismatic Spring, USA

    The biggest hot springs in the Yellow Stone National Park. The third largest, right behind Frying Pan Lane in New Zealand and Boiling Lake in Dominicana. The springs form a lake which 90-120 metres wide and 37 metres deep. Every minute 2,200 litres of hot water (64- 87 °C) comes out here.

    2. Cappadocia, Turkey

    Turkey is a very popular tourist destination. However, Turkey off the beaten track is not that well-known. The view from a hot-air balloon must be impressive.

    3. The Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland

    An igloo in the forest – welcome to  an unbelievable hotel in Finland. I bet the Northern Lights admired from there must be spectacular.

    4. St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

    A tidal in Mount’s Bay, Cornwall, England.  You can get there only between mid-tide and low water. It is a counterpart of Mont-Saint Michel in Normandy, France. On its top there is a 15th century St Michael’s Chapel.

    5. Ik-Kil cenotes, Mexico

    Anyone who has been to Mexico knows the beautiful cenotes that can be admired there. These are natural surface connections to underground water bodies in the Yucatan Peninsula. Their waters are famous for its crystal clear transparency.

    6. Smoo Cave, Scotland

    This amazing cave connects cavities created by fresh water and caves formed by sea water.


    7. The Black Canyon, Colorado

    The canyon of the Colorado River was formed 15 million years ago. Its name comes from the black volcanic rocks common in the area.

    8. Socotra Island, Yemen.

    This island looks extra-terrestrial. The dragon trees are its landmark

    9. Tongariro, New Zealand

    This National Park located in New Zealand owes a lot of its popularity thanks to ‘The Lord of The Rings’ which was shot there.

    10. The Channel Islands

    Sark is one of the Channel Islands, located in the south-west part of the English Channel. It is one of these ‘cool hidden spots’ with population of only 500 people. Cars are banned here and you can get around on horse or by tractor only.

    11. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

    One of the main reasons you should visit this wonderful place is the fact that there are 150 blooming wisteria of 20 various species. Of course to see the tunnel in blossom, you have to come here at the end of April or beginning of May.

    12. Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica

    Though it isn’t a top destination inside Costa Rica, it hides a stunning path in crystal clear water leading up to a marvellous waterfall.


    13. Edith Cavell Mountain, Canada

    The mountain was named after a nurse working during World War I. The area is famous for the spectacular views it offers.

    14. Marble Caves, Chile

    These wonderful marble caves in Patagonia have been formed by waves for the past 6200 years. This wonder of nature makes this place even more mysterious. The colour of Marble Caves changes depending on the season.

    15. Sabah Lake, Malaysia

    The beaches of Sabah are famous for clear water and white sand. The sunsets there are simply breath-taking.


    16. Ithaa, an underwater restaurant, The Maldives

    The restaurant is 5 metres under water.

    17. Panjin Red Beach, China

    The beach got its colour thanks to a plant called Suaeda Vera. In the summer the plant remains green, but in the spring it goes deep red, making the landscape hypnotising. Most of Red Beach is a nature reserve and is usually unavailable for the tourists. Only a tiny distant part of it can be visited.

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