Grandson Refurbished His Grandparents' Old Travel Bus and Set off on a Tour in Their Footsteps

    Grandson Refurbished His Grandparents' Old Travel Bus and Set off on a Tour in Their Footsteps

    3:18 PM EST, March 13, 2021

    Many years ago Josh's grandparents set off on a long journey in a 1954 bus. He inherited the iconic vehicle and, together with his wife, is setting off in the footsteps of his beloved grandparents!

    Century-old Bus


    Joseph and Inez Jackling were avid travelers. They converted a 1954 vintage bus into their mobile home. Over 3 years of travel, they traveled a total of over 44,256 miles across the Americas. Their grandson, 42-year-old Josh, along with his wife of 37 years, Carolyn McKenna, plan to spend the next few years recreating some of Josh's grandparents' travels.

    He Inherited the Family Vehicle at the Age of 16

    Joseph says: I inherited the bus at the age of 16 and it has really always attracted me. As a child when I visited my grandparents I would usually sooner or later end up in the bus and explore all its compartments. It has always fascinated me and now it has finally become part of our lives

    Josh Began Renovating the Bus 10 Years Ago; However, He Abandoned the Project Soon After


    It wasn't until he started attending personal development classes that he felt the wind in his wings and decided to make his teenage dream come true. The vehicle has undergone many modifications and is now practically ready for the road. One of the biggest new features are the solar panels that provide for the energy needs of the 67-year-old vehicle. Inside you will find quite comfortable space and many essentials for everyday life.

    The Kitchen Is Extremely Minimalistic, but There Were Retro Elements From Josh's Grandparents' Youth


    The Man Tried to Preserve the Atmosphere of the 1970s When His Grandparents Toured America


    Battery and Water Tanks Allow Full Independence for 14 Days of Travel


    The Engine, Chassis and All Electrics Have Also Changed


    The roof was cut down and then raised several inches to gain more space. Josh closed his construction company, which he ran for 20 years, to pursue his dream. His wife, on the other hand, will still run her online consulting business. The man hopes to make extra money from social media.

    However, They Are Not Afraid to Take on a New Challenge and Are Looking for Something Unique

    We follow our dream life, traveling the country and just looking for adventure. We don't want to stay "home" and live comfortably, making good money and not really living it all out. We want to seek out amazing experiences in life

    Josh's Grandmother Took a Ride on the Finished Bus Before She Died


    Nan got emotional and cried over the state the bus was in, but then told Josh, who's now 42-year-old, that his grandfather would be very proud of him. Josh was also given a guest book, where grandparents collected signatures of people they met on the trip. It was later included with the items aboard the bus. Sadly, his beloved grandmother passed away shortly after being given a ride on this century-old bus.

    Currently, the Couple Is Trying on a Trip, and Their Profile on Instagram Is Watched by More Than 20 Thousand People!

    What do you think of this experience, would you like to set out of a road trip too?

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