How to Make Your Own Hotel Room Alarm System? A Security Trick Revealed by a Hotel Manager

    How to Make Your Own Hotel Room Alarm System? A Security Trick Revealed by a Hotel Manager

    3:37 PM EDT, September 3, 2022, updated: 7:09 PM EDT, September 3, 2022

    When staying at a hotel overnight, you can also fall prey to thieves. They are well aware that travelers have cash, electronic equipment and jewelry with them. How to feel safe in any accommodation? A glass on the hotel doorknob will help.

    When staying overnight in a hotel, you can quickly set up your own burglar alarm system. It is reliable and will put you on your feet very quickly when someone wants to invade your room at night.

    # How to Make Your Own Alarm System? Glass on the Hotel Doorknob

    First, slide one glass on the handle of your front door.

    Then place another glass on it. Usually two pieces are included in the equipment of a hotel room. Early warning system against thieves, ready!

    # Glass on the Hotel Doorknob.

    When a burglar grabs at the doorknob from outside, the glasses will fall to the floor with a bang. The noise will wake you up as well as frighten the thief, who certainly wouldn't want to be set upon in your room.

    # Other Tricks to Make You Feel Safe in Any Hotel.

    • How to spot a Venetian mirror? Take a marker and draw any shape on the mirror. If you see two lines (painted and reflected) it is a sign that you are dealing with an ordinary mirror. On the other hand, only one line visible should worry you. This is a signal that there may be a Venetian mirror in your room.
    • In a hotel, always choose rooms located between the 2nd and 4th floors. It will be difficult for a thief to get into them from the sidewalk level.
    • Before leaving the room, double check that you have closed all windows, the balcony and the front door.
    • If you leave the room, hang a "Do Not Disturb" tag on the door handle and leave the TV or radio on. This will create the appearance that someone is in the room after all.
    • For security, seal the hole in the door or stick a piece of paper in it. This will prevent unauthorized people from peeping in on you and observing the inside of your. room.
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