The Popular TikTok Trick for Mowing Is Actually Dangerous! Don’t Try It in Your Garden

A dangerous trick for mowing grass with TikTok is conquering the Internet. Although it looks tempting it can have tragic consequences. High temperatures are taking a toll on our lawns. Articles about how to save it from burning out are piling up on the Internet. Unfortunately, a popular trick has surfaced on TikTok that promises to save the lawn. A professional gardener warns not to test it, as it can be disastrous in its consequences!

Dangerous Trick for Cutting Grass With TikTok. Could Have Tragic Consequences

A user of the platform nicknamed @roamwildwitholiver showed a video of a trick his father taught him. He showed him mowing the lawn with a lawnmower that he had previously removed the grass tank from. Tiktoker also showed that he puts a stick under the cover. He does this specifically so that the cut grass falls out of the mower and spreads over the lawn. The cut ends of the plant are great for fertilizing the lawn and increasing its growth.

The Popular TikTok Trick for Mowing Is Actually Dangerous! Don’t Try It in Your Garden

The boy claims that this method is “simple and works every time.” His video has been viewed by more than 2 million people. An expert in lawn mowers and garden tools spoke out on the matter.

Trick With a Lawnmower Can Put Our Health at Risk

Although the Internet patent looks encouraging, the professional strongly advises against testing it “on your own.” It’s true that freshly cut grass can wonderfully nourish the lawn when spread on its surface. Unfortunately, it is dangerous to use a lawn mower in this way.

The Popular TikTok Trick for Mowing Is Actually Dangerous! Don’t Try It in Your Garden

“Without a rear mower guard or grass container, there is a risk that stones and other dangerous objects will be picked up and thrown at high speed.”

Stones that are thrown at high speed can injure us or our pets. Hitting the face or eye can be deadly. It is impossible to predict if there are such objects in our lawn. The tank and cover protect our legs and surroundings from projectiles from pebbles and stick residue.

TikToker did not address the allegations, but more gardening tricks appeared on his profile. Under the video with the advice, there were comments from delighted people. They want to use the trick in their garden. We warn them not to do it.

What to Do With Mowed Grass?

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Mowed fresh and healthy grass can be used to fertilize the lawn. Be sure that the blades are no longer than 5 cm. The safest way will be to use a grass container and only later spread the grass by hand around the garden. It is worth noting that there are no dried parts in it, only the green clippings themselves.

Cut grass will be great for compost. Before putting it in the container, it should be dried for 2-3 days in the sun. The grass on top of the compost protects it from drying out and retains moisture.