3 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Snails from Your Garden. They Will Be Gone for Good

Neat vegetable perches of your own vegetables are the pride of every single gardener. Of course it calls for a lot of effort as the plants are constantly exposed to numerous varieties of pests. When you see some small holes bitten out of new leaves, and the leftovers of your seedlings are covered with slime, this means your garden has been invaded by snails.

These mollusks prey at night. Their favorite food includes decorative plants, leaves of lettuce, cabbage or strawberries (including their fruit). They find shelter in shadowy spots and high grass. They love humidity and cloudy days.
Of course you don’t need to give in and shut your garden down! There are ways to say goodbye to these unwelcome guests. Of course they are all humanitarian. I promise not even a single snail will get hurt!

#1 It’s all about order

In the first place mow the lawn on regular basis. Don’t store boards, construction materials, stones or branches in the garden. This is a perfect shelter for them to hide during hot days or from their natural enemies (hedgehogs, birds, shrews). Water your plants in the morning. Do not water the entire area. Make sure that as much water as it is necessary gets to your seedlings leaving the space in between the perches dry. Also, you can pour some sawdust, sand with ash, dry weeds, pine needles or coffee grounds. This is a barrier no snail can cross.

#2 Use the contents of your refrigerator

Egg shells not only keep snail at bay, but they also work as a natural fertilizer (due to their calcium content). Collect them until you have enough, then grind it using a blender or even a rolling pin. Scatter the stuff around garden seedlings and repeat it regularly. Snails hate sharp-edged, rough objects. When chasing food they come across anything like this, that makes them change their mind.

#3 Natural repellents

Snails can’t put up with scent of some plants, especially herbs. Make sure your vegetable garden always has some room for onion, garlic, thyme, marjoram or sage. It is also recommended to grow nasturtium, elderberry, thymus, milfoil or spurge. The ever-hungry creatures will stay away.
Another good idea that’s eco-traps. On cabbage leaves put some slices of beetroot, carrots, apples or apples. Once the snails come along to feast on your treat, just take them as far away from your garden as possible.

Snails are by no means a reason to give up your gardening career. Just follow my advice and they will soon be forgotten while you will be enjoying the sight of your flowers and vegetables.

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