An Old Bathtub Saved From Dumping and Converted Into a Fantastic Garden Decor

If you have some space in your garden, why not build a small pond there? It is much easier than it seems and in fact anyone can do it themselves. All you need is a bit of time and a little bit of effort. And if you want it to be really special, why not use some old stuff, like a rusty bathtub for example?

#1 Buy the essentials – foil and liner

Foil is absolutely essential to ensure appropriate insulation of the pond. The best is definitely PVC foil, also referred to as ‘the pool foil’. It is resistant to changeable weather conditions, chemicals and physical damage. Moreover, it does not give off hazardous substances that could pose threat to the fish. It is also recommended to buy some base material (liner) , for example non-woven geotextile so that the foil can be spread on it.
Mineral wool and nonwoven crop cover are another option as for the lining.

#2 Let’s start digging

Choose the best spot for your pond and get down to work. Remember that it is not about making a big hole in the ground – while digging think about the shape you want it to have. Remember about the shelves you want to be there under water. And this is where the old items found in your attic might become really useful.

#3 Spread the liner and the foil

There is no need for any further explanation here. Remember to start fixing the foil from the lowest point and do not stretch it. Finally trim the edges or cover them with soil or pebbles.

#4 The final touch

It’s all about decoration now. Apart from plants you can add some other things, too. And that’s it! All you need to do now is to walk to the nearest pet shop to buy some fish. However, before you let the fish out, give the plants some time to accommodate to the new environment.

Finally a few inspirations to help you create a really special place

#1 Use an old bathtub

#2 Or a huge tractor tire

#3 It can also be a boat (saving you lots of work you would normally have to do)

#4 A bucket can make a really interesting piece of décor

#5 An old clay pot can do just as well

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