21 Creative Garden Decorations and Flower Stands Made of Items Cluttering Basements and Attics

Some items, although not used for years, can be given a new life. They can work as garden decoration or some original flower stands. Browse your attic and basement and turn old tires or wheelbarrows into some beautiful garden accessories.

#1 A wooden ladder working as a flower stand

#2 A nice garden accessory made of a half of an old barrel and a small lantern

#3 When your children have grown up, you can turn their bike into a mobile plant pot

#4 Old rakes can turn into a door decoration

#5 Even broken dishes have got some decorative potential

#6 Flybanes made of baking molds

#7 Fake flowers made of wire mesh painted violet

#8 A cat watching plants growing in a wheelbarrow

#9 A cute sheep made of plastic bottles

#10 Plants can grow even in tires

#11 Stylish decoration made of a watering cans and some colored beads

#12 Flip-flops make good plant pots, too

#13 This glass bottle, together with the beads, will give a calming chime

#14 A creative drinking spot for birds made of an old milk can

#15 An old mug working as a bee hotel

#16 A flowery composition including some colorful umbrellas

#17 A mirror window fixed to the wall will look great all year long

#18 A very creative approach to recycling old cutlery


#19 If your old boat is rather useless, why don’t you convert it into a flower bed?

#20 Spoons acting as hooks

#21 Climbers will love your bed springs


With a few condoms and decorative concrete (also referred to as ‘architectural concrete’), cured in the shapes shown below, you can make some cute chickens.

Which decoration did you like the most?

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