12 Fall Flowers That Don’t Fear the First Frost

The arrival of the fall does not mean we have to give up on the balcony and garden flowers. There are plants that can keep blooming until the first frost comes. Take a look at what flowers are worth taking into account so that dead leaves is not the only thing on your flowerbeds. Fall flowers are really spectacular and their vivid colors will invigorate any garden.

#1 Ornamental cabbage

This original plant is very easy to grow. It can endure temperatures going down to -15 degrees C and easily survive the whole winter in the garden.

The cabbage prefers sunny spots; its frosty leaves look really spectacular.

#2 Fall flowers – heather

This plant almost immediately makes you think of the fall. Its pink-violet flowers look great both in the garden and balcony pots.

Heather prefers sunny places and does not really tolerate damp soil.

#3 Gentian

Its distinctive feature is cup-shaped blue flowers, which is a rare color in the world of plants. It can survive temperatures as low as -29  degrees C. It likes the sun and blooms until the first frost comes.

#4 Chrysanthemum – the flowers of the fall

The plant comes with flowers in a range of colors. They look stunning and keep doing so until the first frost. They require fertile soil and moderate watering.

#5 Coral bead plant

This charming plant slightly resembles moss decorated with orange, white or yellow beads. It does not tolerate high temperatures or direct sun. It is recommended for terraces and balconies.

#6 Asters – the flowers of the fall

The family includes as many as 600 varieties coming in a plenty of colors. These are typically autumn flowers that bloom until the first frost.

Asters don’t grow well in shady places, but they do well in soil poor in mineral elements.

#7 Gaultheria

It belongs to the heather family. Its round fruit is just marvelous (it’s white or purple). It will look good in a rock garden and a balcony as well. It prefers sunny spots and tolerates frost of down to -20 degrees C.

#8 Physalis

Its fruit looks like cocktail tomatoes and is edible. It contains a lot of mineral elements and is also used as dish decoration. It prefers damp soil and sunny spots.

#9 Silver ragwort

Its silver leaves are covered with soft moss that looks like frost. It tolerates slightly negative temperatures (just below 0 C) and is not very difficult to grow. Please note that it doesn’t  like shady spots.

#10 Ajania

This plant has very modest requirements. It has got tiny yellow flowers that look like small buttons. It can endure frost of even –15 degrees C, but it needs quite a lot of sun.

#11 Jerusalem cherry

Its great fruit coming in October is by far its greatest asset. Be careful, though – it’s toxic.
Jerusalem cherry needs a lot of sun and grows well when potted.

#12 Egyptian starcluster

The flowers of this plant make you think of colorful (red, white, violet, pink) stars. They grow best in pots and containers. Though it likes sun, doesn’t tolerate too long dry periods. That is why the medium has to be slightly dump at all times.

Which ones did you fall for? Would you like to have them in your garden? Have you got any of them already?

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