25 Cheap and Simple Ideas You Can Use in Your Garden. Mind You, You Can Do It Yourself!

Have you got some green space around your house you would like to make use of somehow? Are you thinking of some interesting and original decorations? If you are, we’ve got something just for you. Let your garden look special!

It turns out that all you need to create something is a bit of effort and a pinch of enthusiasm. And believe it or not, it is not going to cost you much. Just do it yourself! I guess you don’t need any further recommendations to browse this gallery. Perhaps you or your family will find some of the inspirations there worthwhile. Once you see everything, spare a moment and let us know in your comments which of them you like the most. Your opinion really matters to us!

#1 Even nasty plastic bottles have some aesthetic potential

#2 The plants in tubes look great

#3 The bamboo wall will make your neighbors green with envy

#4 An old tractor tire makes good frame for a small garden pond

#5 Some high heels, a toaster, two teapots – everything can be sued as long as your imagination is set free

#6 They look like kids wearing socks made by their grandma

#7 Wouldn’t you like to have some tea there?

#8 The castle and its mushrooms

#9 A mobile flower bed

#10 Plants blessed by Buddha

#11 And old chest of drawers brought to another life in the garden. Doesn’t it look stunning?

#12 A piece of a fallen tree as a great piece of garden decor

#13 It’s really hard to believe that an old tire can be turned into such a masterpiece

#14 It’s pouring with plants here

#15 Fans of recycled tires must be in seventh heaven here

#16 There is no space where succulents look bad

#17 A very good reason to drink some wine next weekend

#18 Though these are not the famous hanging gardens, we are getting so close…

#19 Imagination saves broken plant pots

#20 Even the most boring fence may be so lively…

#21 Just break the common pattern and things get so much better

#22 Just a bit of courage and your resourcefulness will stun your friends

#23 An old barrel working as garden décor now

#24 I bet they must be kissing when nobody looks

#25 There is nothing here you couldn’t do yourself. Don’t they look marvelous

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