A Grassy Armchair We All Can Grow. The New Age of Garden Furniture Has Just Begun!

Sometimes it is really hard to choose some nice and practical garden furniture. If you are really demanding and you appreciate being close to nature, the choice is going to be much easier now.

Garden in Italian way

Nucleo Studio is an association of designers and artists from Torino, Italy. They are aware of the fact that we are buying more and more things and many of them quickly ends on a dumpsite. To promote a more environment-friendly approach and discourage consumerism, they came up with the TERRA garden armchairs.

DIY furniture

What is so special about t his piece? Well, this is not a ready-made product. It comes in several parts and it has to be… grown. Yes, grown. TERRA! is a piece of furniture covered with grass, perfectly blending with the garden landscape. It is eco-friendly and looks gorgeous. A real must for all supporters of green thinking and green life.


How to grow a grassy armchair

The process is really simple. First the frame of the armchair is assembled. It consists of numbered flat pieces of perforated cardboard that have to be put together.

The cells formed this way have to be filled (up to 2/3 of their height) with pieces of bricks, stones or expanded clay. The whole structure is then covered with soil forming the seat. The next step is to evenly sprinkle the seeds of grass and gently water them. The armchair has to be water every day. After about two months you can finally sit in it.

Appropriate watering

Two armchairs cost about 390 euros. A sofa for three is about 590 euros.

What do you think about this green armchair?

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