Old Man Spent 13 Years Turning His 150-Foot-Long Hedge Into A Dragon

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”. This 10 yeras old, gardening project proofs it! John Booker (75) retired, has simply decided to give life to his hedge by transforming it into a giant dragon. It took 10 years to John to create this amazing work of green art!

10 years gardening project – Green Dragon Hedge

John Booker spent 10 years creating a huge, green sculpture in his garden. Everything came from a passion for gardening. For many years, the old man cared for the hedge to create an unusual work of art. The living figure, reminiscent of a dragon, is about 430 cm taller than its creator. The entire sculpture is over 4 meters long and 600 cm high.

Given the size of the green sculpture and careful workmanship, it is not surprising that the man has been doing it for over 10 years. Details that were created when creating the dragon include even the smallest details. The dragon looks very calm, as if it were captured during sleep – this is not typical beyond a formidable creature. The man did not intend to create a terrible figure of the dragon, he wanted his sculpture to be friendly and to decorate the surroundings.

Heart touching motivation of the creator

The dragon is not an ordinary green sculpture. The man created a figure as a gift for his wife. John Booker wanted to express his love for his beloved and decided to transform his passion into a unique gift for the chosen one of his life. Of course, the beloved helped John create a sculpture. Mrs. Booker is a graphic designer and shares her passion and passion for gardening with her husband.

How do you like the huge sculpture that a man has been creating for over 10 years?

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