25 Summer Ideas for Your Garden

Having a house with a big garden is a huge advantage. You have some extra space which you can manage creatively; it is also a place to unwind after a hard day’s work. You might spend a romantic evening in the moonlight with the love of your life whenever you feel like doing it. We have some fabulous garden inspirations for everyone!

If you have a lot of free space but you don’t know how to make use of it, check some of the inspirations we have got for you. Thanks to some creative people who shared the ideas with the rest of the world, we can turn your garden into a wonderland!

#1 Garden cinema

#2 There’s no garden without a treehouse

#3 An old fridge turned into a drink cabinet

#4 Holes in the fence covered with colourful pieces of glass

#5 A pinch of creativity to turn an old trampoline. This one stole my heart!

#6 Something for fans of scrabble

#7 Ideal place for long summer evenings

#8 Romantic and cosy


#9 A wonderful hammock


#10 A couch of grass

#11 One trampoline and so much fun

#12 All children dream about having their own tent to play inside

#13 An original rustic coffee table

#14 A pile of car tyres turned into a playground

#15 The garden playground corner simply must have a drawing board

#16 Using old windows you can build your own greenhouse

#17 Hula hoop and shower curtains to create cute shelters for the kids

#18 If all you want to do is to relax outside

#19 Your cat will love it

#20 You don’t need much to set up a shower in the garden

#21 Isn’t it a perfect spot for the first date?

#22 Baking pizza in the garden? Why not!

#23 This one will work at any garden party

#24 Garden cooker ready!


#25 If you have some space to arrange, pallets will always work

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