21 Breath-Taking Hedge Figures from All over the World. The Plant Sculptures Are So Underestimated!

Hedge is usually planted to reduce the environment noise, to protect us against the wind or simply to separate us from the neighbours. High hedges often mark the borders of our land. Lower ones mark some part of our estate and at the same time work as decoration.

If you have enough patience and vigour, you can create miraculous things with your garden shears. Hedges and garden sculptures are so charming! As a matter of fact, green figures can be made using common grass only!
Some gardening shops specialise in topiaries, plants dedicated to be shaped. Have a look at a few examples. Perhaps some of them will inspire you!

#1 Isn’t this caterpillar charming?

#2 Poor birdy, must be having a terrible day…

#3 This is what you call a cat!

#4 When you don’t get on with your neighbour

#5 Just take a look at the dragon!

#6 Would you like your own locomotive?

#7 Is this a fishing boat?

#8 A relative of those from the Easter Islands?

#9 An elephant

#10 What about protecting your castle with a defence wall?

#11 Another interesting idea

#12 Another garden cat

#13 A giraffe

#14 A hedge surrounding a horse stable

#15 Bas-relief

#16 What about a herd of elephants?

#17 A lonely little elephant

#18 Formula 1

#19 Winnie the Pooh

#20 A couple in the park

#21 A herd of elephants the garden

If you think you need to have the eye of the artist to create such wonders, then you’re wrong! Sometimes you follow a ready-made template!

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