20 garden design ideas to make the best of your outdoor space

The summer is coming. Finally we will be able to stay outdoors as much as we want. At least this is something we are all looking forward to so much. Anyway, there is still some time to convert our garden into a peaceful oasis.

Today we have got a few ideas for you to help you accomplish this goal they will definitely make your garden a wonderful magical place. In our opinion, it will be really hard for everyone to leave such a fabulous place.

#1 A smart way to disguise the fence holes

#2 Extra green

#3 Outdoor sofa

#4 A flower pallet

#6 Kids’ corner

#7 Lights

#8 A mirror

#9 A colourful table

#10 Magical lanterns

#11 Tyres reinvented

#12 An unusual fountain

#13 A table of trunk

#14 A renovated chair

#15 Framed herbs

#16 A decorative tool storage box

#17 Second life of colander

#18 Outdoor fridge

#19 Each vegetable in its right and beautiful place

#20 Herbs in pockets

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