17 Garden Improvements That Will Take You Just a Weekend to Complete

In the spring and summer there is always something to do in the garden. Consequently, some works have to be planned well in advance. Today we will show you a few ideas that you can turn into reality within a single weekend!

Concrete block plant pots

These look a little bit like toy building blocks. They can be arranged in a variety of ways. What you really need to remember is securing the sharp edges sticking out.

Flower and vegetable beds in old tires

Tires can get another life in garden, too. There are quite a few things they could be converted into. Let me show you some flower beds today.


Swings are always welcome in the garden. And they are really easy to make. All you need is a few old pallets or garden trampolines.

Gutter covers as ladders for climbing plants

Flowers are pride of all gardens. If you fix a garden mesh up the gutter so that the climbers can make use of it, in the summer it will look just gorgeous. The plants recommended for these structure include sweet pea and clematis.


Ponds don’t have to be very large. Sometimes all you need is a container collecting rainwater. It will make a bird drinking point and a nice décor in the first place.


A small flat container, a few stones and paving tiles and such a lovely final effect.

Garden tool organizer

Of course the easiest path is to make use of pallets again. It can hold several garden accessories.

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