17 Creative and Cheap Garden Ideas

With more and more sun perhaps it’s time you started to think what things could be changed in your garden. Forget old boring accessories and go for something new. Hopefully the bunch of ideas we have got for you today will inspire you to make your garden a more enjoyable place to relax.

#1 Hang old mirrors on the fence so that your garden will look bigger

With just a few old mirrors fixed onto some old window frames you can completely change the image of your garden.

#2 Put dog’s bowls into some plant pot stands

Doesn’t it look much better now?

#3 Put some pool noodles together to make a summer raft

#4 Make some nice potted plant lanterns

#5 Use some concrete blocks on the steps to fix some solar lamps

#6 Use an old wooden barrel as the base of the sunshade

#7 A large pot can work as an ice box and a table base

#8 Fill a few balloons with a fluorescent paint and then attach them in a few places all over the garden. The way they glow at night is spectacular

#9 Use a broken pot as a decoration

#10 Let your kids pretend to be spies or burglars; stretch some strings or ropes in between the trees

#11 Paint the stones in an interesting way

#12 Cover the old rusty fence with a grid for climbing vine

#13 An old trunk as a bike stand

#14 Turn old tires into trendy garden seats

#15 Use LED stripes to design a magical illumination

#16 With just a few PVC pipes you can design a cooling spot

#17 Put a blackboard on the fence so that your kids can create new pieces of art.

Which one(s) did you like the most?

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