12 fruit and vegetables that can be grown again. Don’t throw away leftovers!

I’m sure you throw garlic away once the bulbs sprout. The same with potatoes that wrinkle and ginger that has been left for too long in the fridge.

I’m sure there are many more products that you get rid of once they transform. However, many of the fruit and vegetables can be grown again. Instead of throwing them away look at the list below and, who knows, maybe soon you won’t buy vegetables anymore. You will pick them in your own garden!

#1 How to grown pineapple

A pineapple can be refreshed. Its top is enough. First cut off the leaves, get rid of the outer ones. Remove any remaining pulp and hang the top a few centimetres over water. When the roots show, plant it into a pot with soil. Though growing it takes some time, you will enjoy an unusual ornamental plant.

#2 How to grown ginger at home

Have you ever noticed some tiny buds on ginger root? You can plant them! First immerse the root a in water to stimulate growth. Then put the rootstock in peat so that the roots and leaves develop. Then put the ginger in a pot filled with soil and wait. Remember that ginger doesn’t like still water so make sure there are holes removing.

#4 How to grown mint

Follow the same instructions as those for basil. Once the roots show, remove the mint into a pot with soil and wait.

#5 Green onion

Put the remaining onion in water. It must be filtered and later replaced regularly. When the roots appear, plant it into a pot with soil.

#6 Red onion

Pick an onion with a good-looking root. Cut it off and put aside for a couple of days to dry it. Then put it deep in the ground and water regularly. A new twigs should appear soon. Plant them separately as each will give you a new onion.

#7 How to grown garlic DIY

If garlic cloves sprout, it is a fantastic opportunity to plant it. One clove might yield quite a few bulbs, though it may take some time and patience. Another option is to put it into a pot with soil.

how to grown garlic

#8 Fennel

The end of the plant can be cut off and left in a sunny place a few centimetres over water. when the roots come out, it can be planted or kept in water. Isn’t it easy!

#9 Leek

Keep the end of it and put it in water for about a week. Then plant it in a pot with soil and let it grow.

#10 Lemon grass

Another plant that can be easily grown in water. Put a few blades in water and wait for the roots to come out. Be careful, lemon grass can grow really big.

#11 Lettuce

Put the base of lettuce in water. It will react within a week. Don’t worry if some leaves don’t react at all.

#12 Potatoes

Potatoes sprout quite fast. Pick up those with the biggest buds and cut them. Make sure you won’t cut the shoots.

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