10 Amazing Properties of Vinegar. Would You Ever Believe That Even Gardeners Use It?

Who wouldn’t like to have a beautiful garden with lots of trees and flowers around you? Are you worried that your gardening skills are not good enough to let you have a place like this? There is no need to worry! With vinegar you can do almost everything…

There are many cleaning hacks based on vinegar. The thing is that, apart from the kitchen and the bathroom, you can also do several things in the garden using it!

That is true! Not only has it got several possible applications, but it is also better than expensive and very often hazardous chemicals.

#1 Insect repellent

This is the main reason why you should have a bottle of vinegar as your gardening accessory. It kills off pests and doesn’t harm flowers or other plants. Just pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and apply it on the weeds.

#2 Bringing flowers back to life

Vinegar is not only used for killing weeds, but it also helps to bring back to life plants that were doomed to die. If your favourite flowers or shrubs have been infected with some fungus and they have developed some dark stains on their leaves, vinegar could be the perfect solution. Add two spoonful of vinegar to camomile tea and spray it onto infected plants. They will soon get better!

#3 Better than fertilisers

GArden Clay Pots Basil Tomato
Some plants seem to love vinegar. These include azalea, rhododendron, hydrangea and gardenia. Mix a glass of distilled vinegar with 3,5 litre of tap water and spray the mixture onto the plants so that they grow big and healthy!

#4 A good start for seeds

How many times have you got so bitterly disappointed after sowing something and waiting in vain for anything to pop up from the ground? If you don’t want this to happen anymore, rub the asparagus or moonflowers seeds with a paper towel soaked with vinegar. Then soak the seeds for the night in a mixture of vinegar and warm water (1:4 ratio). Add a bit of washing-up liquid. Sow the seeds the next day. You will see them sprout for sure this time!

#5 Perfect pots


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Clay pots are perfect because they keep the soil cold so the plants grow well. However, as time flies they absorb some calcium, salt and other minerals. As a result, the flowers don’t look that good anymore. However, if you soak the pots in 1:1 water and vinegar solution, things should be fine again.

#6 Tools new again


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As you can guess, vinegar will also work as a gardening tool cleaner. If your shovels or rakes are rusty, apply some vinegar and wash them with water.

#7 Cut flowers

10 Amazing Properties of Vinegar. Would You Ever Believe That Even Gardeners Use It?

If you want some garden flowers in a vase in your living room, but you are afraid they won’t last long, vinegar is there for you again. All you need to do is pour water into the vase (a quarter of the vase height), add 2 spoonful of white distilled vinegar and a teaspoonful of sugar.

#8 Animals should know that they must keep away from plants


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My cats love roaming in the garden. Unfortunately, sometimes they destroy all my flowers. If you experience the same problem, soak a piece of clothes in vinegar and put it on the plants’ soil. Replace the piece every 6 – 7 days for 2 – 3 weeks. The soil will absorb some vinegar and will give off its smell, which will deter both your pets and your neighbours’.

#9 Protecting fruit trees


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Mix a glass of water, half a glass of apple cider vinegar, a quarter glass of sugar and a spoonful of molasses. Pour up to 3 cm of the mixture into 2 or 3 old tins (without lids) and hang them on a tree. Check the mixture and replace it on regular basis. You will soon realise that drosophila flies and other insects will steer clear off your trees.

#10 Repelling ants and snails


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Ants, snails and other creatures will stay away if you use vinegar; this is a natural insect killer so you can spray it all around your plants in the garden and also along the front doorstep. This is how you can eliminate all the bugs.

Do you use vinegar to take care of your plants? Do you know any tricks based on it? Please share them in your comments!