13 Garden Tricks That Will Make You a True Flowerbed Master

    13 Garden Tricks That Will Make You a True Flowerbed Master

    3:38 AM EDT, August 15, 2021, updated: 2:31 PM EDT, August 22, 2021

    To make gardening easier and more enjoyable it is worth helping yourself a little. With some simple tricks you can plant, remove aphids, and water your beds efficiently.

    #1 Measure with a Shovel

    Plant seeds and vegetables at a certain distance from each other. To avoid having to use a tape measure all the time, make a shovel measure.


    Draw the appropriate scale on the stem and plant them responsibly.


    #2 Self-made Watering Can


    Tomato and cucumber seedlings need a lot of water to grow properly. To get just the right amount, make a simple watering can. Fill a bottle with water (but not all of it). Make tiny holes in the cap. Place the self-made drip pan in the soil (upside down).

    #3 Eco-friendly Slug and Snail Trap


    Slugs and snails are easily attracted to the trap. Pour beer, water mixed with yeast or honey or milk diluted with water into a milk or juice carton. Place the carton on the ground and wait for the snails to crawl inside. Then move them to a safe place away from the garden.

    #4 Frost Protection


    Protect plants from spring frosts with a terra cotta pot. Cover seedlings with it and don't forget to take it off in the morning.

    #5 Aphid Antidote


    To fight aphids, use a sweet coke soda. Pour it into an atomizer bottle and spray your plants. The pests will quickly disappear.

    #6 Vegetables in the Gutter


    If you have limited space to set up a garden, vegetables and even strawberries can be grown successfully in gutters or pipes attached to the wall.

    #7 Neutralizing Odors


    Sometimes the water in a flower vase starts to smell after a while. To prevent this, put a piece of charcoal in the vase.

    #8 Garden Recycling


    Don't pour the water you boiled your vegetables in down the sink. Once it cools, use it to water your plants. It's rich in nutrients that flowers need.

    #9 Controlling Water Use


    If you water your lawn with a sprinkler, set an empty jar on the grass. Monitor the water that flows into it. When it reaches a level of about 2 cm, turn off the sprinkler. The lawn has received enough liquid.

    #10 Fighting Moss


    Moss accumulated in the cracks of flagstones or pavers will get rid of with cola soda. Pour the drink over the moss and wait a few days. When it gets damaged, simply remove it.

    #11 Bottle Sprinkler


    You can make a simple sprinkler using an ordinary plastic bottle. It will successfully water your garden and cool your body on a hot day 😉 .

    #12 Homemade Labels


    You don't have to buy labels to mark the plants in the beds. You can make them yourself. For this purpose, wooden sticks, plastic cutlery, stones, paper clips, caps will be perfect. There are many ideas here.

    #13 Speeding up Germination


    The seeds of some plants (especially beans) are quite hard and the germination process takes a long time. To speed it up, soak the seeds in lukewarm water overnight.

    What are your reliable ways to keep your garden pretty?

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