CATable – a Perfect Piece of Furniture for Cat Lovers and Fans of Top-Quality Design

Can you connect having a cat and working from home? One designer has come up with a solution that answers the question.

Coming to the rescue of cat owners

Ruan Hao has come up with a CATable to help all cat owners. The furniture was ordered by LYCS, an architecture studio from Hong Kong. In fact, almost every cat owner claims that their pets support them at work. Hundreds of images of cats sitting on screen monitors make very solid evidence in this case.

Design and functionality

The marketing target of the furniture is people working from home. Their cats will be around them but they will no longer disturb their work.

Cats find it irresistible

The designer wanted to create a piece that will intrigue the animals so that they have desire to explore it. As he says:
‘We see it as a table. For cats it’s a paradise as their natural curiosity to explore unknown paths and holes will be satisfied.’

Perfect for anyone who has got a lively animal

While working on the design the author relied heavily on experiences of cat owners. The holes were selected in a way that poses no limitation for the cats. They can always be encouraged by throwing a few snacks into the tunnels.

Would you be interested in buying one?

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