20 Worst Delivery Drivers in the World. You Wouldn’t Like Them to Deliver Anything for You

Delivery problems that’s something we all have to deal with. Be that guys delivering large sets of furniture or those bringing us the restaurant food. Unfortunately, some of them do not perform their jobs in a very professional way. They get lost somewhere on the way, drop the delivery at your neighbor’s door, force the parcel in the mail box or have a bite of your pizza. Believe me, the repertoire of their ideas is endless.

Just take a look at the collection of delivery fails. Some of them will make you laugh, while others will be rather terrifying.

#1 A perfect use of mailbox space. If the parcel is too big, just use some force!

#2 A peculiar sense of humor. This parcel did not contain any ‘sex gadgets’. Or at least this is what the recipient claimed

#3 Unfortunately this is not a modern art installation. This is a 4K TV just after opening the box

#4 The journey between the restaurant and your door is packed with magic and supernatural. Even pizza can get re-shaped. Nobody said that pizza is always round

#5 The lions were supposed to be identical. Until one of them decided to become a sphynx

#6 The parcel ended up on the flower bed. The garbage bin got run over. Someone must have had a very bad day

#7 Some deliveries never make it to the mail box. This one ended on the driveway. Did you notice it keeps smiling anyway?

#8 A perfect tire camouflage. Even the nosiest neighbors will never work it out…

#9 Cycling delivery guys are a group of its own kind. The solutions they fall back on sometimes are somewhat radical. Especially when there is a toilet right next to him

#10 When a parcel is too large for the boxes, it has to wait outside until it’s collected

#11 Judging by its condition, this parcel has seen a lot

#12 Someone was very thirsty here

#13 Sometimes small objects call for large boxes

#14 The delivery guy did not take the warning quite seriously

#15 There must have been a massive cider party inside the box

#16 Although the shape of the book slightly deviates from commonly accepted standard, it still reads well

#17 Since cardboard is not made of sugar, therefore leaving it in the pouring rain does not pose any risk

#18 ‘You didn’t answer the door, so now you can barely open it.’

#19 This is NOT how you deliver vinyl records. I am afraid there is no chance to play them

#20 Believe it or not, but inside the box there is a… door! I just wonder what force had to be applied to bend it like this

And what do you think? Some of the guys displayed a lot of creativity, let’s face it. I just wonder what the story behind some of these deliveries is…

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