17 Photos Edited by the Master of His Craft. He Makes the Wishes Come True in a Very Literal Way

James Fridman is a photographer who in his free time edits photos he receives from a number of people. And usually he does it in a completely different way than one would expect. His photoshopped versions are stunning!
The collection below includes some of his best works.

#1 ‘Can you remove the hand from my breast?’

#2 ‘With my friend in the background this photo looks rather weird. Can you do something about it?’

#3 ‘Can you add a bag that I would carry in the photo?’

#4 ‘We want to look more like a metal band.’

#5 ‘I look as if I didn’t have an arm. Can you correct it?’

#6 ‘I love this picture but I couldn’t hold the 1 the right way. Could you do something about it?’

#7 ‘My mum is very religious. Could you cover the statue?’

#8 ‘Can you add a thunder to the photo?’

#9 ‘Could you get rid of the sunshade?’


#10 ‘ I’d put on a snow-white shirt and as a result my teeth looked yellowish. Could you fix it?’

#11 ‘Can you make us look the same height?’

#12 ‘My hand looks kind of weird here. Can you do something about it?’

#13 ‘Can you remove the guy who waters the plants?’

#14 ‘Could you add something green to the photo?’

#15 ‘Do you think you could make it clearer we’re smiling here?’

#16 ‘We would like this photo to look more thrilling?’

#17 ‘ I want to look like a serious agent here.’

Which ones did you like the most?

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