21 Mirror Photo Attempts. This Is How Sellers Do Their Best to Attract Attention

Selling a mirror is not an easy thing to do. It’s all about taking a good photo and with the mirrors perfectly reflecting everything that becomes somewhat tricky. The more you try, the funnier it all gets. Hiding your face or striking weird poses – it’s all for nothing!

#1 When you know that a funny photo will attract potential buyers

#2 Getting photobombed by a horse

#3 A hidden photographer

#4 When the whole show is ruined by your dog

#5 The Halloween approach

#6 A resourceful attempt

#7 Never forget that there may be more mirrors than one

#8 This was must have been taken by a real ghost

#9 It’s all about a good sense of humor

#10 Someone here is not very happy to see the mirror reflection

#11 Your legs won’t give you away

#12 The kid is not for sale!

#13 When your wife takes the photo but she won’t show her face

#14 The frames can mirror things, too

#15 Somehow bed sheets seem indispensible when you sell mirrors

#16 A good pose can sell any mirror

#17 Doing your best to stay anonymous

#18 There is only one star!

#19 The legends of photo bombing

#20 Team work

#21 When mentally you are a unicorn and a bunny


An alien trying to sell his iron


Have you got your own tricks to sell a mirror?

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