17 Smart People Who Can Take Advantage of Any Situation

Life is hard, and often seems unfair. There is no justice. Nevertheless, if you ever find yourself caught up in the middle of it, is a good time to review your expectations. Sometimes is easy to get our basic human needs neglected. Here’s some people who know how to seize every opportunity and turn it to their advantage. Let’s learn from them.

#1 When a Flood Comes through Your Town and You’re Longing for a Burger


#2 She’s Got Her Head on Straight

evgenykovrigin /pikabu

#3 This Is How to Travel


#4 “I Didn’t Have a Warning Kit with Me, and I Wanted to Be Visible”


#5 ‘Our Son Didn’t Want to Go to Preschool In Plain White T-shirt’

Urazaef /reddit

#6 That’s a Way to Wear Them

Andrew Cornett/twitter

#7 “I Got a Barcode Tattoo. The Machine at the Store Told Me I Was an Oreo Wrapper.”


#8 Had Enough Of this Sitting Job


#9 “I Found an Unused Disneyland Ticket from Decades Ago at My Grandparents’ House. I Told the Surprised Cashier That There Was No Expiration Date after All.”

xFunKx /pikabu

#10 Training Kids from Early Age to Take Only Good Shots …


#11 “There Was a Beer Pub Here before Us. We Decided to Use It for Our Coffee Shop.”


#12 “I Do This at the Store When I’m in a Hurry”

Angela Brisk/twitter

#13 “A Week before the Festival, I Went to the Festival Site at Night and Buried a Supply of Alcohol and Other Drinks in the Ground”

Festival Pro Tips/fb

#14 When You Want an Precise Haircut


15 Definitely Never Lose a Suitcase


#16 “He Thinks He’s Drinking Pepsi, Not Medicine”


#17 “My Kitten Really Likes to Stare at Me, I Decided to Take Advantage of That”


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