13 Awkward Situations That Really Happened. You Wouldn’t Like to Be in Their Shoes…

Spilt coffee, a flat phone battery and a rude boss. Do you think that could make a bad day? Believe me, things can go much worse. These 13 examples will definitely change your mind.

#1 When he was buying the watermelon, did he really hope to bring it in?

#2 ‘If something doesn’t kill you…’

#3 She dropped her bag and…

#4 Some things can’t be machine-washed. They can’t be tumble-dried, either

#5 Last but not least cats do climb well

#6 … and afterwards you will be fresh and fluffy!

#7 The lost battle of a cleaning robot against dog’s poo

#8 Make sure you leave your mirror somewhere safe…

#9 Some things really look larger online – that’s the chair I didn’t know was just a toy

#10 The birthday party will have to go on without hot chili

#11 Yes, this is an authentic product. A top quality one

#12 ‘I have almost managed to get on.’

#13 That must have been hell of a ride!

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