12 Public Toilets Vandalized in a Very… Amusing Way. Some of Them Are Masterpieces!

Have you ever come across a piece of art in the least expected place? In fact, it doesn’t really matter whether the artist uses canvas, a piece of paper, a wall or… a piece of toilet paper. Even Picasso himself once made a sketch of a mural located in Placa Nova in Barcelona using a tiny piece of a serviette.

Art knows no limits so we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that some of us, once closed in the toilet, with no phone or newspaper, only with a pen in our pocket, come up with a variety of ideas. Today we have just 16 of them. This is how vandalism becomes art!

#1 Someone must have been really bored here

#2 Relax, your privacy is safe here

#3 Nobody has answered this question yet

#4 ‘Choose smart.’

#5 A slot for coins would do here, too

#6 And what are you going to do now?

#7 Life is unbearable sometimes

#8 … and clap your hands!

#9 Toilet ninja always watching

#10 Is he grilling a huge hot-dog there?

#11 ‘Do you wanna fight?’

#12 ‘Something’s wrong with my eye!’

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