Free and Natural Fertilizer for Plants. Plants Grow Like Crazy and You Pay Nothing for It

    Free and Natural Fertilizer for Plants. Plants Grow Like Crazy and You Pay Nothing for It

    6:40 AM EDT, June 7, 2024

    Many people are lovers of recycling and love to use one thing many times. Such people live ecologically and take care of our planet. You, too, join them and find out what the water used for boiling pasta is good for.

    Fertilizer Straight From the Kitchen

    When cooking pasta for dinner, you certainly don't think about your houseplants at the same time. Meanwhile, the process of preparing your favorite food has a lot to do with gardening 😉 .

    If you want to support your plants at home or on the balcony, then prepare a natural fertilizer for them. To make it, you don't have to do much. Just boil the pasta and use the remaining water to water your plants. Nothing simpler than that! Just remember to let the liquid cool well, and apply this fertilizer at least twice a week.

    No Salt in Water

    Irina Sergeeva/unsplash
    Irina Sergeeva/unsplash

    Water after boiling pasta contains starch, elements and nutrients that plants need to grow healthily.The most important thing, however, is that it should not contain salt. If you supply it successively to the soil, eventually the plants will stop taking up water (even though there will be an abundance of it), begin to wilt and eventually die.

    What Else to Use the Water Left Over After Cooking the Paste?

    • It's a good base for creating broth or cooking soup.
    • It is useful for thickening sauces.
    • You can cook vegetables in it.
    • It will work well in the process of making pizza, bread or focaccia.
    • It is a great hair rinse. It will nourish dry and lack luster hair strands.
    • It is suitable for soaking feet, as it softens the epidermis.
    • In pasta water can soak feet struggling with swelling and puffiness. To make it more pleasant, it is worth adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to it.
    • Starch is an excellent panacea for oily facial skin. Just wipe your complexion every day with a cotton ball soaked in starchy water. You will quickly notice a difference.

    You already know what post-cooking pasta water will work perfectly for. Now find out what to do to make tomatoes grow better & make homemade fertilizer.

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