For Long Plane Flights I Put a Tennis Ball in My Carry-on Luggage

    For Long Plane Flights I Put a Tennis Ball in My Carry-on Luggage

    9:05 AM EDT, September 12, 2022

    When going on an airplane trip, we usually put something to read and small snacks in our hand luggage. However, one more thing will be very helpful. A tennis ball will be perfect for long flights. Why it's needed. The explanation is quite simple.

    Many people are terrified by the prospect of spending several hours in a sitting position on a plane. Then you can get muscle pain, and some parts of the body refuse to obey and go numb. So how can you survive a long flight and not expose yourself to the revolt of your body?

    Tennis Ball for Long Flights, Photo-Unsplash.
    Tennis Ball for Long Flights, Photo-Unsplash.

    The solution to this problem is an inconspicuous tennis ball. You can easily carry it on a plane and it is small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage. During an airplane flight, you will easily turn it into an unparalleled massager that will stimulate circulation and reduce muscle pain. In addition, it will help to get rid of muscle spasms and make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

    #Pack Tennis Balls in Your Carry-on Luggage

    There are several patents on how to use a tennis ball on board an airplane. It all depends on which muscle parts need to be relaxed.

    • Wrists: take the ball in the palm of your hand and start simply rotating it. Then you will feel your wrist stop going numb.
    • Feet: take off your shoes and place the ball under the sole of your foot. Then slide your foot back and forth on the ball. You will immediately feel relief. If you feel uncomfortable without shoes, you can also perform the massage with shoes on.
    • Thighs: sore thighs are nothing pleasant. Grab a ball in your hands and move it from the knees upward.
    • Calves: calves can also become numb from constant sitting. Therefore, give them a quick massage. Roll the ball from the ankles up to the knees.
    • Back: a strenuous pain in the back and shoulders is capable of spoiling your enjoyment. Put the ball between your back. and the seat back. Then begin to gently move from side to side.

    What's your trick ?

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