Food Coloring Works Not Only with Cakes. There Are at Least 8 Other Ways You Can Use It

    Food Coloring Works Not Only with Cakes. There Are at Least 8 Other Ways You Can Use It

    Food Coloring Works Not Only with Cakes. There Are at Least 8 Other Ways You Can Use It
    2:29 AM EDT, April 30, 2024

    If you want your cakes or any other dishes to stand out thanks to an original color, you will certainly reach out for food colorings. Did you know that there are quite a few other applications of food dyes?

    If you think this is only the kitchen where you can make use of them, then you’re wrong!

    #1 Rainbow toasts

    Pour milk into a couple of bowls. Add a few drops of selected coloring into each. Remember that matching some colors you can get another one, for example blue and yellow give you green.

    Mix the coloring with the milk and using a brush apply that on the bread. Finally put the slices into the toaster.

    #2 Allegedly broken toilet

    Something makes you think that the toilet is leaking. To make sure it is the case, add a few drops of coloring into the tank. Don’t flush the toilet for the next 15-20 minutes. Then take a look at the bowl to see if the water inside has changed its color. If it has, call a plumber, Remember that a leaking toilet can cost you a lot of money!

    #3 Colorful pancake

    Pancakes are no longer boring if you give them some color. Prepare the batter, the colorings, plastic bottles a spatula and a frying pan. Now pour some batter into each bottle and add the coloring (mix it). On a hot pan draw any desired shapes. Make a pancake of your own design or the one that will amaze your kid!

    #4 Colorful shots away


    If you are planning a trip and want to take some vodka with you in a lighter container, you can pour it into a mouthwash bottle for instance. To disguise it even better, use blue coloring. Now the alcohol will look just like the original content of the bottle.

    #5 Pasta out of this world

    If you are sick and tired of traditional spaghetti color, put some pasta into a string bag and add a selected coloring. Seal it and shake it. The pasta color will be really cool!

    #6 Colorful ice cubes

    Pour some water into a glass and add some coloring. Then freeze the cubes. Once they are ready, put them in your drink. The blue coloring will work great slowly turning orange juice green.

    #7 Experiments in physics

    If your child is keen on science, you can do an experiment including oil, water, a coloring and fizzy tablets, for example calcium or magnesium. Put some coloring into a small bottle with water. Pour some oil into a larger container. Now pour the water into the oil container. Of course water will go down and the oil will be higher. Now put two tables and close the container. The mixture will look like a lamp with lava!

    #8 Glass paint

    If you want to make your own glass paint, mix liquid glue with a coloring. Then apply it onto a bottle and that’s it! You can decorate any dish like this now!

    Is there anything else you use food coloring for?
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