Find Out Which Is Your Dominant Brain Hemisphere

    Find Out Which Is Your Dominant Brain Hemisphere

    6:16 PM EDT, July 22, 2020

    It is a matter of common knowledge that each part of our brain is responsible for a particular set of tasks and our way of thinking. However, the influence differs individually as the hemispheres have varied impact on our skills, gifts and actions.

    #1 Put your hands together as if you were going to pray


    Do it in a way interlocking your fingers. Do it quickly, without giving it much thought. Now see which thumb is on the top.

    If it’s the left one, write down R on the piece of paper.

    If it is the right one, write down L.

    Hemispheres control the opposite part of the body, that is why if the left thumb is on the top, then you might be dominated by the right hemisphere. We have to do more tasks to determine it.

    #2 Grab a pen and hold it in front of you

    Look at the tip of the pen (or a pencil). Don’t stop looking while closing left eye. Keep looking. After a few seconds quickly close the right eye and open the left one. When did the image move?

    If it moved when your left eye was closed, write down R.

    If it moved when your right one was closed, wrtite down L.

    If you didn’t notice any movement, write down O.

    #3 Cross your arms on the chest

    Which arm is above the other? If it’s left, write down R; if it’s right, write down L.

    #4 Clap your hands

    Again, see which hand is on the other one. Write R if it’s left, or L if it’s right.

    #5 Cross your legs

    Sit comfortably on a chair and cross your legs. Which one is on the other?

    If it’s the left one, write R.

    If it’s right, write down L.

    #6 Blink your eye

    If your automatic response was to blink the left eye, write down R. If you blinked the right one, write L.

    #7 Stand up and turn around

    If you turned clockwise, write down R. If you turned anti-clockwise, write L.

    #8 Draw a few dashes

    On one side write as many vertical dashes as possible. Now on the other side do the same, this time with the other hand. Now count how many dashes did you manage to write with your right hand and how many with the left one. If you wrote more with your left hand, write R. If the right one was better, write L.

    #9 Draw a circle and an arrow

    Ignore the drawing. If the arrow indicates clockwise direction, write down R. If it’s anti-clockwise, write down L

    Now count all your Rs and Ls

    Subtract L from R and divide by 9. Then multiply the score by 100%. If your score is below 30%, it means your dominant hemisphere is the left one. If the score is between 30% and 10%, it means complete domination of the left hemisphere.

    Score between -10% and 10% means dominance of right hemisphere. Score below -10% means complete dominance of the right hemisphere.

    What does you dominant hemisphere tell us about you?

    Left hemisphere

    You are a person easily handling analytic and logical tasks as well as crisis situations. You can quickly learn foreign languages and easily remember words and numbers. You think logically on everyday basis – you take into consideration all advantages and disadvantages. Only then do you make the decision. You always pay attention to details. People with dominance of left hemisphere are believed to be scientific. They are also thought to be people of reason.

    Right hemisphere

    People dominated by right hemisphere are really creative. They can easily recognise faces and other people’s feelings. They have a lot of creativity and imagination. They are inspired by music and art. Right hemisphere is in charge of processing information encoded in pictures and symbols, therefore people dominated by this hemisphere are very resourceful and creative. They can easily escape into the world of their imagination where they conjure up things easily. They express themselves in their hobbies, for example drawing or playing the guitar. At first they can see the big picture. Later they analyse the details. They are considered to be artistic.

    Which is your dominant brain hemisphere? Let us know in your comments!
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