Faucets with Running... Wine? I Bet You Would Love It!

    Faucets with Running... Wine? I Bet You Would Love It!

    Faucets with Running... Wine? I Bet You Would Love It!
    6:31 PM EDT, August 19, 2021

    The people of a small Italian village witnessed a miracle! When they turned on their faucets, there was wine pouring out of them! Doesn't it sound like a dream coming true?

    Italy – the country of pizza and wine

    The citizens of a picturesque small village near Modena in the south of Emilia Romani, Italy, will not forget that morning very soon. Imagine you turn on the water to brush your teeth and what you get in your washbasin is not water but... wine! How could that possibly happen?

    A very simple explanation

    It was nothing but a human mistake that gave the people such a lovely surprise. A local winery by mistake pumped a huge amount of wine into the local water supply system. As a result, instead of water all the faucets in the area provided some pinkish liquid. Of course the wine was diluted but that was at least a fair excuse for having a small glass early in the morning!

    The issue was quickly fixed

    The management of the water supply company immediately took action to fix it. The local authorities quickly released an official apology which was instantly followed by two kinds of negative comments. The first were about the potential damage it might have caused, for example not being able to take the morning shower, while the other expressed dissatisfaction with... the authorities acting too quickly to fix the problem!

    Imagine there is some good quality wine pouring out of your kitchen faucet

    The wines from that area are labeled as DOC ('denominazione di origine controllata') which mean they can only be made and labeled in a given area.

    Well, that only proves the fact that dreams do come true!

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