Twisted Loop Knot

Quick yet elegant way to tie your scarf!
I am a huge fan of all kinds of scarves and shawls. I have my favorite both in old town in Mostar, one of the prettiest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is our annual holiday destination. You can find hundreds of beautiful scarves there. The variety of patterns makes us stare at them all day long and we are always unable to make a choice. That’s the reason why we come back from holidays not with one but with dozen of scarves!

I am still searching for new, interesting ways of tying them and today I want to present you the one that is the most elegant for me. It’s surprisingly easy to make and the effect is a rare knot. It’s suitable for both shawls (that you wear as an addition to your outfit) and woolen scarves.

Hope you'll like our video tutorial - we're curious if it was easy to tie your scarves with it, so leave us a note on our fan page :) If you'd like to know more ways of tying the scarf, let us know there too!



Ready? Grab your favorite scarf and let’s start!



First, wrap the scarf behind the neck, with two ends of the same length.



Now, twist the loop to the left with your right hand.



Take left end and pass it through the loop from the top with your right hand.



Pass right end of the scarf through the loop, but this time do it from the bottom.



Pull both ends to tighten up the knot. Voila!



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