25 tattoos you would only get with your soulmate

Today, people do tattoos not only to decorate or express their approach to life. Tattoos are also used to show attachment, loyalty, friendship and love. In this case, people often choose tattoos that complement each other and have special meanings when combined …

1. Glass of Wine

2. Tea

3. She & He

4. Arrow & Shield

5. Little Prince

6. A String of Birds

7. Two Girls

8. Girlfriends

9. Birds

10. Teapot and Cup

11. Avocado

12. The Simpsons

13. Cute Robots in Love

14. Dancing Couple

15. Coffee Molecules

16. Twig

17. Arrow

18. Emoticons

19. Buddies

20. Two Hearts

21. Couple

22. Bow and Arrow

23. Donald Duck and Daisy

24. Ah, those girls

25. Yours – Mine

Would you choose such a tattoo with another person?

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