20 Fashion Disasters to Give You an Aesthetic Breakdown. A Bunch of Weird Designs from All over the World!

One man’s meat is another man’s poison – only when you check out the gallery below will you realize how true his proverb can be. Things fashionable for some, can give a true shock to others.

Make sure you want to see them – the world might not be the same anymore…

#1 A pigeon-hunter with her trophies

#2 The essence of recycling fashion

#3 When you can’t appear on TV, let TV appear on you

#4 When this thing catches on, I don’t want to be there

#5 The leggings nightmare

#6 When you have grown out of your tracksuit bottoms but you just can’t say ‘goodbye’

#7 … and I bet the price is exorbitant

#8 Sometimes pulling up the sleeves is harder than the work itself

#9 A very practical location

#10 In case Texas freezes

#11 Do you wear it or carry it?

#12 Just in case it gets slightly warmer. Or a little bit colder

#13 Clothes and accessories need to go together

#14 Just in case you have to dig deep in your pockets

#15 Calf protection and foot ventilation

#16 You’d better keep off

#17 A clear signal to stay away

#18 Would they go with a pair of jeans?

#19 This must be a gang

#20 Wash with care

Which item amused you the most?

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