15 Trendy Hair Colourisations This Season. Unbelievable 3d Effects!

Due to the lockdown, there is quite a lot for us to make up for in terms of hair style. What about holographic hair for example? The final effect can be hypnotising. I wonder what you think about them.

Opal hair, which means holographic hair, that’s a combination of colours in a number of versions. Everything according to your individual preferences and… your hairdresser’s skills.

#1 Slanted waves

#2 Fading colours – a simple and subtle effect

#3 A blue tone plus sunny shades

#4 More navy shades – a stylisation by a Russian hairdresser

#5 Breath-taking and subtle highlights

#6 A mix of selected colours – all combinations are possible

#7 A glittering rainbow – no photo will ever show how wonderful it looks

#8 Pastels – a milder option suiting everyone, no matter the hair length

#9 If you don’t want to give up on your natural hair colour, it’s not a problem either

#10 A blinding suggestion for the brave ones

#11 Your hair bright like neon lights

#12 The reflections turning into a single colour are impressive, too

#13 Some boys go for such colours, too

#14 Neon waves – on hair like this the effect is spectacular

#15 What about this one? Of course it’s just a suggestion

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