Are Your Cut Roses Fading? There Is One Principle You Have to Follow to Prevent That!

    Are Your Cut Roses Fading? There Is One Principle You Have to Follow to Prevent That!

    Are Your Cut Roses Fading? There Is One Principle You Have to Follow to Prevent That!
    7:02 PM EDT, November 1, 2023, updated: 7:19 PM EDT, November 1, 2023

    Roses are beautiful and elegant flowers. And they look magnificent in any vase. How can we help this marvelous decoration of our interior last much longer?

    First and foremost it’s all about choosing the right flowers at the florist’s. The fresher roses you buy, the longer they will look good. How can you check that? You need to touch the buds. If they are hard, you can take the flowers home. Soft buds are a bad sign. Of course florists hate it when their customers use this methods as buds, touched by several people, get soft anyway.

    Roman Kraft/unsplash
    Roman Kraft/unsplash

    How to take care of cut roses

    Once you have bought the right kind of roses, you need to do something to help them stay fresh as long as possible.

    • Trim the stalk at 45 degrees angle. Do that with a knife or scissors. Garden scissors could smash the stalk.

    Remove the leaves that would be otherwise immersed in vase water. This will prevent them from rotting.

    • Never put the vase near a heater or any other source of heat.

    • Never expose the flowers to direct sun.

    • Add some cut flower fertilizer to the vase water.

    • Never put the flowers near fruit as it releases ethylene which makes flowers fade faster.

    • If you haven’t got any fertilizers, drop a tablet of aspirin into the vase water.

    • Replace the water every two days and trim the stalks.

    Ifrah Akhter/unsplash
    Ifrah Akhter/unsplash

    How to save fading roses

    When you see the petals are beginning to fade and slowly lean downwards, cut their heads. Then put them into a shallow dish (a jar or a glass) and pour in cold water. After 30 minutes the flowers will be revived and their petals will go upwards again.

    Annie Spratt/unsplash
    Annie Spratt/unsplash

    You can also try a more intensive bath. Pour cold water into the bathtub and immerse the entire flowers in it for the whole night. You can also sprinkle them softly. Either way, roses love to have lots of water. It should be clean, cold and fresh.

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