Every Cup From IKEA Has This Groove. Its Function Is Brilliant, and Most People Don’t Even Know About It

    Every Cup From IKEA Has This Groove. Its Function Is Brilliant, and Most People Don’t Even Know About It

    4:02 AM EDT, July 23, 2022, updated: 6:18 PM EDT, July 28, 2022

    Why do IKEA mugs have grooves on the bottom? Most people who own mugs from this company are not aware of their hidden function. The small groove on the bottom of the ceramic mugs is a particularly good idea. IKEA designers have thus solved an annoying problem.

    # Why Do IKEA Mugs Have Grooves on the Bottom?

    "When I first read about this feature, I immediately ran to the cabinet to check it out. Certainly many people will do so today. In fact, the ingenious solution from IKEA mugs is rarely seen in products from other companies.


    Every IKEA cup has this groove. Its function is brilliant, and most people don't know about it

    The groove on IKEA cups has two practical functions. The first concerns the product's thermal resistance. When you pour boiling water into it, the tiny crack that the groove makes on the bottom allows air to flow under the vessel. Although from our point of view, such a small hole does not matter, it is huge for ceramics. Thanks to it, the cups do not crack with large temperature changes.

    # The Groove in the Cups Also Has a Use in the Dishwasher

    The second function of the secret groove is related to washing it in the dishwasher. When putting glasses and cups in it, we set them upside down. During washing, water collects on the bottoms of the dishes. Dishes that do not have grooves collect its residue. Therefore, when unloading the dishwasher, you can easily splash yourself. Grooves in the cups immediately drain water from the bottom, which often runs off before you even open the appliance.

    Secret cutouts on the bottom ensure that accumulated water dribbles in the dishwasher and not on us.


    # Myths About the Groove in Cups.

    On the web, you can also read a lot of concoctions about the function and use of the notch in cups. Some claim that it was created by saving on material. The store is known for its creative approach to production and shipping costs. However, the company has not confirmed whether the cutouts on the cups were affected by material savings.

    Information that a cutout in the bottom would increase the cup's grip also turned out to be false. It turns out that the groove is an ingenious solution to the annoying problem of water collecting on the bottoms during washing. Many people have noticed that the groove drains water the same way when drying dishes on the dryer.

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