Effective Ways to Get Rid of Mice

    Effective Ways to Get Rid of Mice

    6:58 PM EDT, August 8, 2020, updated: 1:17 PM EDT, August 10, 2020

    Mice looking for food often invade our households. Feasting on leftovers they make a lot of mess and the sight of their excrements is really disgusting.

    As if that was not enough, they can transmit several diseases. I think it’s time you learnt how to quickly get rid of the rodents.

    The moment you spot some evidence of mice invasion, we need to find out the way the broke into. As a matter of fact, mice can sneak into the house if the front door is left open for a little while.


    Things mice don’t like

    Mice avoid the smell of machine grease and engine oil. Of course this piece of advice is barely useful when you want to kick mice out of your kitchen.

    They are not quite fond of some herbs, for instance pepper mint, thyme, mullein or tansy. All you need to do is to put all over the place some tea bags containing the herbs.

    The list of repellents also include tomato leaves, oleander, rotten lemon, vinegar or hair spray. Remember that repellents do not guarantee success – they only keep them at bay.

    How to get rid of mice?

    Of course the first thing that springs to your mind is buying a cat. However, what can we do when having a live mouse trap is not an option?


    Electric repellents are said to be much more effective than those listed above. They work in exactly the same way as mole repellents. They emit sounds inaudible for humans but unbearable for the rodents.

    How to catch them?

    Another way of saying goodbye to mice is simply speaking capturing them The market offers a variety of traps that don’t hurt the animals. Once you catch them, you can release them far away from your house.

    You need to put the traps by the wall along which the unwelcome guests run at night (they are usually nocturnal animals).


    What is the best bait?

    The best bait is a slice of bread, preferably a whole meal one. You can also use cereal, for example corn flakes. The best option, however, will be a piece of something more fragrant, like a piece of meat or sausage.

    Getting rid of mice – the radical path

    When everything fails, you may have to resort to something more drastic. Traditional traps snap the animal.


    Mouse poisons have got several disadvantages. Once the mouse eats it, you never know when and where it falls dead.

    Of course the poison poses some serious threat to your pets.

    There are poisons that not only kill the rodents but also guarantee mummification of the animal, so that it goes dry after it dies.

    When everything fails, you can always call a pest control expert.

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