Capsula Mundi - an Ecological Approach To Burial. All of us Could Become a Tree

    Capsula Mundi - an Ecological Approach To Burial. All of us Could Become a Tree

    6:47 PM EDT, September 14, 2021, updated: 6:38 PM EDT, September 15, 2021

    Each year the cemeteries significantly increase their area and annexe new land in urban space. What if instead of new necropolises forests started to be created? The solution is Capsula Mundi.


    The Human Body in the Service of Greenery

    Anne Citelli and Raoul Bretzel are a duo of Italian designers who have developed an alternative burial method. They created Capsula Mundi, an organic and biodegradable capsule resembling an egg. It contains the corpse together with the seeds or seedlings of your favorite tree. Then it is buried in the ground. Over time, a new plant will be created from the remains of the deceased. This invention gives a new look at what happens to the human body after death.


    Capsule in Preparation


    Egg Instead of a Coffin

    The capsule looks like a big egg. The shape is not accidental. The egg is a symbol of rebirth, the nucleus of life and overcoming death, which is identified with the beginning of a new existence. The body is placed in an embryonic position. It looks like in the womb. The period of existence on the ground has circulated. We leave it naked, and so we have appeared.


    Forests as an Alternative To Cemeteries

    This innovative form of burial is very popular. Many supporters of ecology wanted their bodies to be transformed into whole forests of memory free of stone gravestones. The relatives of a deceased person could take care of the tree into which he or she transformed himself and sit in its shadow and immerse themselves in the memories. It gives a big consolation in difficult moments.


    What Do You Think of These Capsula Mundi? Would You Decide on the Same Form of Burial?

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