Your Child Loves Eating Icicles? Under No Circumstances Should You Allow Them to Do It!

    Your Child Loves Eating Icicles? Under No Circumstances Should You Allow Them to Do It!

    6:42 PM EST, February 14, 2022, updated: 6:53 PM EST, February 16, 2022

    It is commonly believed that icicles are nothing but frozen water. In fact, they consist of far more things than we would ever guess. That is why they must not be eaten

    Just water?


    Unfortunately, snow is not as crystal clear as we would like them to be. No matter if it is one falling in urban or rural areas, it is always contaminated with fumes, so it is really far from being crystal clear. You can easily check it out at home when you melt an icicle. You will soon realize it’s not just water it is made of.

    Disgusting ingredients


    As birds spend a lot of time flying, they often drop their excrements over anything they are above. No wonder there that it all ends up sometimes on our roofs (or clothes of the most unlucky ones). As you can guess, water flowing down the roof carries the stuff down. Are you still surprised to realize that it’s also birds’ poo you have been licking?

    What could be the consequences? Ornithosis (also referred to as ‘parrot’s fever’). Plus such ‘bonuses’ as salmonella or countless bacteria cultures washed down the roof. Katie Nickolaou, a meteorologist, informed about that via her Twitter and TikTok:

    I hope you will no longer let your kids eat icicles. You wouldn’t do it yourself, would you?

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