Cleaning Tiles Has Never Been So Easy. A Tiktoker Discovers a Way to Do It

    Cleaning Tiles Has Never Been So Easy. A Tiktoker Discovers a Way to Do It

    Cleaning Tiles Has Never Been So Easy. A Tiktoker Discovers a Way to Do It
    6:13 PM EDT, September 1, 2022, updated: 7:07 PM EDT, September 1, 2022

    Cleaning tiles in the kitchen or bathroom can be a real nightmare. A lot of problems are caused by light-colored grout, on which you can see all the dirt. How to clean all the tiles effectively and without much effort?

    Tiles are very susceptible to all kinds of dirt. Dust, grease, all kinds of pollen and moisture settle on them. Of course, all the dirt is most visible on the grout. How to deal with it? One TikTok user found a simple solution. And it was completely accidental!

    How to clean tiles with any degreaser?

    While cleaning, a user with the nickname livecomposted, dropped an open bottle of degreaser (of course, it could be ordinary dishwashing liquid)on the tiles. The product quickly spilled onto the dirty grout. At that point, the woman picked up a mop and began wiping the tiles. It quickly became apparent that the degreaser had worked wonders. The grout changed its color from gray to white. This was just unbelievable! Later on she used an ordinary toothbrush to clean the stubborn dirt. As you can see, this simple trick does not even require long scrubbing.


    How to clean grout with home remedies?

    - Vinegar restores the shine to the tiles. In addition, it makes it so that limescale will not settle on them and eliminates the likelihood of mold. However, it can’t be used too often, as it might make the tiles dull with time.

    - A mixture of citric acid and warm water. This is a remedy for lime deposits.

    - A paste of gray soap and baking soda. First grate the gray soap and dissolve it in boiling water. Later, add 100 g of baking soda to the solution. You can also apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Then the kitchen and bathroom will smell extremely pleasant.

    - Solution of dishwashing liquid and Ems salt. Just mix the two ingredients in 1:1 ratio. Such a mixture will cope very well with dried deposits.

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