Fantastic DIY Easter Egg-Basket for All Bunnies!

In some countries Easter basket is an indispensible symbol of Easter . Today we would like to show you a version you can easily make yourself at home.

First take a look at a few examples

Easter eggs on a stand made of a piece cut out of it

An Easter egg-basket decorated with flowers

Yellow versions

Beige version

How to make an Easter egg-basket


Things you need:
• a balloon in a color contrasting with the yarn
• a large thread spool
• wood glue
• a brush
• scissors
• a base (e.g. a bowl)
• a marker
• hairspray

#1 Do up an inflated balloon and wrap the yarn around it

#2 Make sure you wrap it all up so that the balloon can’t be seen through it

#3 Pour the glue into a dish and apply it onto the yarn with a brush

#4 After applying a thick layer of the glue let it all dry for 48 hours

#5 When the yarn gets really stiff, cut the tip of the balloon to release the air

#6 Mark the shape you will cut out

#7 Cut out the hole

#8 Take out the balloon and the cut out piece will be used as a stand under the basket

#9 Glue the basket to the stand and that’s it!

#10 The only thing left to do is to put all the eggs and bunnies inside. ABC easy, isn’t it?

What is your favorite Easter decoration? Have you made it yourself?

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