21 Stylish DIY Easter Decorations. Feel the Atmosphere of the Holidays!

It’s really worthwhile to try to make some decorations yourself. This is the only way to have something original. If you have some manual skills, why don’t you use some of the images below as inspiration and create your own door decoration?
You can decorate the door using almost anything you have at hand. To make a typical wreath you need some kind of a ring, for example made of styrofoam. You can wrap it with ribbons or cover with some colorful materials. Anything available. Using hot glue you can prepare some wonderful Easter decorations.

For example, if you have a wicker wreath, with just a couple of eggs, egg shells, ribbons, bunnies (be that paper or fluffy) and colorful feathers, your door will look great.

#1 Pastel eggs, small flowers and a bow. A subtle wreath in delicate colors

#2 The ears are enough to make the wreath look like an Easter bunny

#3 Another decoration that would have nothing to do with Easter but for the ears

#4 This wreath if pretty versatile as once you take out the bunny you can keep it there all year long

#5 We have got two rings here. And, of course, the ears

#6 The bunny shape, the catkins and the tulips that can be easily replaced with eggs

#7 More Easter and more spring

#8 Seemingly easy as long as you have a bunny like this

#9 Tiny eggs, green twigs and a huge bow made of a few ribbons

#10 Though I have never seen such an Easter bunny before, I must admit that the frills look good here

#11 How do you find this one?

#12 Eggs with just a bow look good, too

#13 An Easter wreath in all shades blue. Cute!

#14 Real feathers and real egg shells. Something easy as long as you are a farmer

#15 You don’t really need many accessories to make it all look so Easter-like!

#16 A spring decoration with flowers

#17 A wreath with plenty of Easter decorations. Here even the glass balls look like eggs

#18 Bunny’s head inside the wreath. Wouldn’t it look a little bit better if it was above it all?

#19 A rag bunny and the decoration is ready!

#20 Simply a basket with eggs

#21 A white wreath with green extras. The bunny could be made of white cardboard for example

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