Have You Ever Thought of Getting Some Earthworms to Produce Eco‑Friendly Bio‑Humus – A Natural Gardening Fertilizer?

    Have You Ever Thought of Getting Some Earthworms to Produce Eco-Friendly Bio-Humus – A Natural Gardening Fertilizer?

    5:28 PM EDT, May 1, 2022

    Leftovers don’t have to be thrown away. You can get set up your own worm farm and manufacture fertilizers yourself!


    Earthworms in boxes

    For many people the very idea of keeping worms is something totally insane. However, the idea behind it is really sensible. People who follow current eco-trends but have no space to set up their own composter can replace that option with earthworms kept is special containers. These creatures will turn organic leftovers into a fertilizer that is indispensible for anyone who has got a garden.


    A fertilizer for free

    A British Organization called The Urban Worm has a mission to infest the entire country with their worms. Its members hate the fact that so much food is wasted as they know how much the hungry worms look forward to any leftovers from human tables. They know that eco-friendly lifestyle means letting earthworms convert food leftovers and produce in this way a fantastic fertilizer (it looks like black soil and is often referred to as bio-humus). So why not take advantage of such possibility, especially bearing in mind its several pros:

    • it contains all minerals that plants need to grow,

    • it is impossible to overdose it,

    • it’s very efficient,

    • it retains water in soil.


    Worms to take away

    The Urban Worm has got about 1,000 packets (each 100 g) of earthworms of the manure worm species. It is ready to deliver it for schools or private households. All you have to do is to take a photo of a worm farm ready to receive the guests.

    Plastic farm

    In fact setting up such a farm is not a difficult task at all. You can reuse plastic containers, garbage cans, plastic bathroom cabinets with drawers or even a large shopping bag. The worms need some moist base (for examples newspapers, cardboard, dry leaves or sawdust) and, of course, regular feeding.


    The worms are happy to eat:

    • straw

    • leftovers of pot soil or lawn turf

    • weeds and leaves

    • fruit and vegetable peels

    • tea and coffee grounds

    They do not tolerate:

    • egg shells

    • meat or dairy leftovers

    • tea bags

    How to get earthworms somewhere else.

    IF you are not from Britain, perhaps you should visit the nearest fishing store, They are also available online.

    10 kilos of earthworms can process as much as 20 kilos of leftovers per week. So after 2 or 3 weeks you get quite a pretty big portion of your own fertilizer.

    Setting up such a farm is not as difficult as it may sound

    HERE you will find more ideas about what you can use to set up a worm farm

    What do you think about worm farms?
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